STB SYS Automation – Industrial Automation

Designs creates and develops systems for the management of industrial equipment

STB ValiTechSys Automation


 STB SYS Automation designs creates and develops systems for the management of industrial equipment, process and facilities of small, medium and large sized companies.

We specialize in:

  • Design, realization and installation of software for display, data acquisition and management of industrial automation systems and automatic systems.
  • Based on customer specifications.
  • We design and develop software for industrial automation and PLC, DCS, HMI programs.
  • Planning, development and realization of OSIsoft’s system the world’s leading data and events in real time. The system is able to connect people with the right information at the right time, so they can analyze, collaborate and act. In combination with real time scalable and reliable infrastructure, OSIsoft offers collaborative tools that make mission-critical information visible across the enterprise and entire chain, now, and over time.

We produce complete refurbishment of installations and machines that have decreased their efficiency.



If you need a customized software, specifically designed for your needs, STB SYS Automation gives you what you want.
We release the program source commented, and the manual operator of the system. The planning process can be finished with the commissioning/start up and, upon request, with the assistance of the start of the production cycle.



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PLC S7-1500

PLC S7-1500




Studio 5000 – Sviluppo Software Rockwell

Studio 5000 – Rockwell Software Development




WinCC Professional V13 – Runtime SCADA Distillatore

WinCC Professional V13 – Runtime SCADA Distillator


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