InterTech – Elettrical and industrial instrumental systems installation.

Preliminary, definitive and executive design…
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InterTech is the company specialized in: Preliminary and final of electrical/instrument design project and in collaboration with our partners. We also take care of the design of plant and equipment dedicated to industrial processes

InterTech is able to perform:

  •  Processing of cost estimate and materials procurement;
  •  Installation of Electrical and Instrumental Industrial Systems;
  •  Installation of security systems and alarms;
  •  Installation of telephone system, fireproof, smoke and gas detection systems, access control and automatic shut-off systems;
  •  Installation of closed-circuit television and patrol control x\systems;
  • Design, Construction and Testing of Electrical Industrial Panels and Systems;
  • Electro-Pneumatic control systems;
  • Automation Panels and Synoptic Panels .










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